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Cleaning and Caring for your National Guitar

Factory Advice from National Reso-Phonic

Caring for your national guitar.

If you open tune your instument to A or E, tune down a couple notches before putting it away.

Do not "understring" the strings in the tailpiece. To understring means to put the ball end of the string on the top side of the tailpiece. Doing so will void the National Guitar warranty on the tailpiece.

Most instruments sold by National Guitar are sold within a fwe weeks of leaving the factory. The finish on the wooden parts takes up to 60 days to completely cure. Therefore, as a precaution for the first 60 days, do not use a capo that will dig into the neck. Vinyl and surgical tubing used on guitar stands may "eat" National Guitar finishes. National Guitar recommends covering these with felt or leather.

Do not leave your National Guitar in extreme temperatures such as the trunk of a car on a hot summer day.

Cleaning your national guitar

Always use a soft cloth. Put the cleaning agent on the cloth, not the National Guitar.

To clean the baked-on finish of steel body National Guitars, use either a non-ammoniated liquid glass cleaner or a light guitar polish.

To clean a nickel body National Guitar or nickel body National Guitar parts, use a non-ammoniated liquid glass cleaner or white vinegar. For stubborn stains, use a chrome polish. One your National Guitar is in pristine condition, you may also use a high grade wax with carnuba in it. Replace that wax as needed. We recommend that you wipe down you National Guitar after each use.